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The review Policies

I consider review requests for books which have been published or are about to be published. The term “published” includes:

1. Books published through publishing houses

2. Indie publishing

3. EBook releases

Genres that will be considered are anything that Romance in it.

Please send review requests to or fill in this form and include:

1. Who you are;

2. How you came across our blog;

3. The title and genre of your book;

4. A brief blurb or description of the book;

5. How you plan to get the book to us

6. Your twitter handle and website URL (if available);

7. And any other information you’d like us to have

There are no charges for reviews and depending on the number of present requests, I will inform you on how long it will take for the review to be up but it won’t take more than two weeks.