Sunday, 21 May 2017

Review: Shadow's Seduction

Shadow's Seduction Shadow's Seduction by Kresley Cole
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

SO Kresley Cole has finished me with this one, completely finished me. I swear to the heavens she has ruined me and now I have to wait for the next book to come out and that is in 2018? Won’t I die waiting for the next book? Really? Why so long?

But she always does this…well sort of but still this woman knows how to capture me wholly and make people around me think I am insane. Are you kidding me with the ending of this book?

Let me polite now and go to the things about this book that made my heart go crazzzzzzy. (I’m taking about Britney spears crazy in the early days). I almost shaved my head while I was reading this and by shave I mean pull out my hair out with my own hands. Anyway, this was such a good read I tell you, such a good read.

But I have to say it had a wobbly first few pages. It got better but I almost did not continue with as the first few pages were more sexual than “storical”.(yes bitch, I know that’s not a word but one of the characteristic of language is that it is productive so yeah, deal with it. )

The characters were very interesting and so good together.

Caspion and Prince Mirceo

It felt good finally getting to read and know more about Caspion cause well aknow wewanted him eaten alive in the other book he was in. HA ha ha (does this make me a bad person? If so I shall repent.

In all honesty though, caspion I have welcomed you to my right side which is the only side you want to be in.

Mirceo, you were a charm and I as I am writing this review I felt the need to go reread this one os I shall do so..

The story was amazing as always but kresley this time you gutted me with that horrible cliffhanger.

Talk about dying a thousand death as I await Kosmina’ book.

All in all though, great book. loved it with all my heart…

Saturday, 20 May 2017

Review: Sword of Darkness

Sword of Darkness by Kinley MacGregor
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

I read book three before I read book one of this series and no, book three did not ruin this book for me. matter of fact it made extra curious about this book.

So was I disappointed because we all know the anxious and more curious you get the better you want it to be and the more disappointing you will be if it takes a nosedive.

but no, it was a good book and I was certainly not disappointed at all.

This story brought on a new world to me. I am familiar with the King Arthur's world but not very much. I know very little so for me to read this story that was set in those times, was a new whole world. one that I liked.

Kerrigan and Seren made a good couple.

I recommend.

Review: It Ends with Us

It Ends with Us by Colleen Hoover
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Give a girl a warning, would ya???

The one reason I got this book to read was that I was out of books to read and bored. I have never read nay of Coleen’s book and this book tempted me for sure, not with the blurb though as I have recently entered a covenant to not read blurbs so as I can enjoy the book more.(does this make any sense?)

So as I started reading the book I was honestly falling in love with the writing style of the author and promising myself to get more of her books as soon as I was done with this one. And then BAM the writing got even better that it gave me the shivers…and I tell you when that happens it means everything is going on well.

I have no problem with the writing at all.

The characters…

Ryle and Lily…Awwwwwwwwwww that is all I have to say because what the hell else am I supposed to write?????

And to the secondary characters, you guys were awesome…so awesome I wanna be you guys when I grow up.

Now to the story, Holy hells of shit (is this even correct?) anyways who gives a shit, right? So back to the story, this story had me climbing hills and mountains. I swear to the heavens I was an
emotional rollercoaster because I could not see how it was going to end… completely blind because as much as I loved the characters there were certain points where I was just blindsided and my mind would roll over dead!

Holy mother!

And then the ending came…

Let me tell you that I am not one who loves for a book to ruin their night but this book it fucking did. Ruined my night completely. And I cannot even talk about what about the finale in the book that ruined it former because I need you to go read it and come over here and hate it with me.

I do have to make the statement that I do not agree with what Ryle did but …. Tears and my heart-shattering…

Anyway, I might give Ms Author here another try with another book but if it ends anywhere near how this one ended, she has to know I will be doing something to her at her if I ever lay my eyes on her…

Review: Tangled

Tangled Tangled by Rebecca Zanetti
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

So what are my thoughts exactly after reading this book?

Mh, well that is definitely not a hard question to answer. To start off, this was a good read and one I had hopefully expected it to be so when I picked up the book up. Talk about intuition and I was right up the alley of a good one.

I have never had my eyes feat upon words from this author before, Rebbecca Zanetti you were brilliant in this one.

Well, so was it enough that I am going in search for your other books? Yes, a definite must.
Back to the book in question; I am in love with this one. Tangled fulfilled my need of an excellent romance and a tad of dashing paranormal. And all that I found in a less than 150-page novella.

Cuteness overload…

I loved the story, let me begin with that. The vampire and the witch. Though I have to admit even if you are not a paranormal romance fan you can till read this as the book is not overloaded with the paranormal so much. For me it was more of romance than anything else.

And I know it is part of a bigger series (which I am going to search for now) but I was able to understand it regardless. It is very hard sometimes to understand a book which is part of a series that you read without having read the other books. So, amazing work Rebecca.

The characters.

Theo and Ginny…well you two were a treat. I liked you individually and then as a couple. Although the story did not give me deepness toward your story but you two made sense. Perfect sense.

I loved the writing style and I have to mention that before I officially met Uncle Ben I was worried for a minute but he turned out to be spectacular.

Loved this.

Tuesday, 20 December 2016


 The creed to a successful company
“We made a statement, one that was colossal in nature to impact almost everyone that came in contact with us. We amassed a lot of controversy that gave us an axiomatic authenticity in our belief for what we stood for.
We became the stronghold for the majority and the enemy of the few. The gravitational force that engrossed and enslaved the dynamic mind and made a mockery of the erratic ones that could not think towards the future.
We became the best in our field, not by our own opinion but rather by the masses that surrounded us.”
The customers

Any establishment in the world follows a clear and selected pattern to accomplish the goals they set out. They are cognizant of the stones that will be thrown their way, cognizant of the huddles they will have to skip but they create a pattern that will circumvent all of it.
No matter the difference in the service that is provided, an establishment with the aim of being successful has a pattern.
For those that cater to the public or even a select few, in their patterns they include a package to specially deal with their customers. A package that will delve into different “what if” situations so as to create a pool of solutions to provide for their customers.
Any customer after having a complaint, worry, or any issue with the company ought to be received as a bride and groom would be received at a wedding feast, without them there will not be a wedding. A customer is the rhythm of the music, without it nothing makes sense. A customer, no matter his or her status is the head to the rest of your body, without it you will move, walk or run a few paces then fall down and wither unto death.
Treating your customer with as much dignity as you know to be the standard in the world or above that standard is they way to go. They are your customers for a reason.
And know that if you do not treat them right they will find elsewhere that does.
Some customers do not want to indulge into being treated like kings or queens, they just want to be understood and they want to feel like you are ready to jump off a cliff to help them. Occasionally, you won’t have a solution to their problem; if so let them know softly.
Your employees ought to reserve their personal problems in the far pocket of their minds so when they are at work, they realize what they are there for. They ought to work with a meticulous mind that will give a hundred percent.
SO, this is to all establishments in the world especially in my country Tanzania your customers are the reason your business moves on. They are the real heroes to be celebrated as you smile in your “end of year meeting” realizing how much annual profit you have made.