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Review: IQ Baby - Facts and Tips to Improve the IQ of Your Child. From Conception to School

IQ Baby - Facts and Tips to Improve the IQ of Your Child. From Conception to School IQ Baby - Facts and Tips to Improve the IQ of Your Child. From Conception to School by Gabriel Morales
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Generally I am a curious person and love to read hence when I came upon this book I knew I had to get it and well as it turns out, it really is a good book.
It opened up my mind to new things and I loved it.
Now it is better to note that I do not have any kids but my sisters and cousins are all having babies at the moment and it is safe to say that reading this book has helped me in knowing babies better and now I know how to make my nieces’ and nephews’ IQ even bigger and better.
Anyway back to the book, I read this book in a record time of two days and honestly it is a record time because I am generally not a huge fan of non-fiction but this one was just so well written and it kept me interested that I had to continue until it was done.
So if I was to start with the flow of information I would say five stars to the authors because they kept the flow perfect and easy to understand as well as easy to follow. It never got boring honestly and I was happy to learn so many things about IQ, how to increase it and the rest.
You get the chance to learn
• what is intelligence
• how you can be a good parent
• conception (yes I know you know what this is but you gotta read this too) (so educational)
• How your baby develops in the tiny place called womb
• What to do during pregnancy to ensure a great pregnancy ( cares, nutrition, child stimulation, and many more)
• Child birth
• Nutrition for babies
• Emotional intelligence
• And making your baby really bright…
This book is a whole 269 pages filled with information that will drive you a bit into the wild side because if you are anything like me then you will want to start doing this for your child or include the ideas in the book in your pregnancy plans…
Hands down, this is truly a great book and I loved it.
Something that sets it apart from my recent reads is that the authority of the authors is clear, they know what they are talking about and while you read you will get that feeling that what is being talked about is authentic.
Loved it again and I do not think I can say it enough.
I recommend this book to everyone out there, more especially to men and women who are planning on a family. And all I know now is that when I have my baby he or she is going to be a genius because of this book… cannot tell you how I loved it.

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