Saturday, 30 January 2016

Review: Crashing Into You

Crashing Into You Crashing Into You by B.D. Rowe
My rating: 1 of 5 stars

I received an ARC for a honest review…

I tried reading this book…yes tried reading it because somehow out there in the world this book has managed to be one of the very poorly written books with no proper plot.

All I want to say about this book is that it was not a good read. It was poorly written and I felt like I was reading some teenagers random thoughts in her diary!

Okay anyway let me tell you about this book, we have the heroine whose name I might have not purposely forgotten she and her boyfriend are involved in an accident where the boyfriend dies and it leaves her with scars that ran deeper than the typical ones.( Emotional scars by the way). This was in high school but soon enough she is in college where she is deadly in love with her roommate’s boyfriend Evan. Does it sound interesting? It might but trust me with the writing style of the author; you will have trouble understanding what exactly this heroine is feeling.

Is it just lust? I think so…Hey, because as you read the book the author keeps repeating every other time how much the heroine wants to jump Evan bones. I mean seriously! Every freaking time, she is there thinking how it would be great sleeping with the guy and it is not even written in a way where I would be motivated to continue reading.

And then finally tragedy after tragedy happens to this …

Okay I give up I mean I cannot even finish a review for this book just like I did not finish reading it. I hate being a negative critic but maybe the author reads this and starts working on her other stories and makes them better.

The truth will set you free…it surely has!

1 horrible star and I cannot recommend it to anyone maybe the doubting Thomases out there who think it could be a good book just like I did.

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