Saturday, 30 January 2016

Review: Desire

Desire Desire by Marina Anderson
My rating: 2 of 5 stars

As part one of the dining club series this book promises lots of sex in a fifty shades kind of manner. If you love erotica then this is definitely your kind of book. You should really get a copy of this book.
A very short book, we learn of the story of David and Grace. The two are already dating when we are introduced to them and in orgasmic passion. David seems like the type of guy who will get anything he desires and in short this means a man who loves control while grace seems to be that sweet girl from across the street.
I really cannot go much into characterization as we did not get to learn a lot about the characters.
I did not like the fact that David was sleeping with someone else and that the author explained it to us but on another note I guess she was just trying to portray a real guy in the real world huh!
End of spoiler!
Nevertheless I do recommend this book to ya’ll out there who love erotica coupled with subtle dominance with just very few pages to read. The book continues in the next book I hope to read soon enough…
Having gotten a free copy to read for a honest review I have to say this book is a 2 stars for me.

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