Saturday, 30 January 2016

Review: Down on Love

Down on Love Down on Love by Jayne Denker
My rating: 2 of 5 stars

I think it is more professional if I start saying that while reading this book I almost fell asleep. Down on love has to be one of those books where the reader enjoys the simple story in it rather than the reader enjoying the chemistry between the two main characters.
George is a woman who never looked back after she left her small town in pursue of the big city. Having bad luck in the boyfriend she decides to start a blog where she pours her thoughts. Soon after she gains audience and fame which she takes back when she finally gets the call from her sister asking her to go back home and help take care of her niece. Casey, a farm owner and a very very nice guy moved back into town almost two years and as soon as his high school sweetheart is divorced, the speculations start of the two of them getting back together. That was not his plan but the people of his town think so.
When after all these years George and Casey meet, the flame burns a little hot(well the author tried to portray that they were hot for each other) and they have to find a way to be together in their small town.
My main thought on this book is that the characters though very interesting in their own way lacked chemistry together. I wanted to see a lot of more passionate scenes and I do not mean in the bedroom but rather I wanted the two of them to have a strong connection which I felt was lacking. And I am pretty sure that for all of those who have read the book they have the same thoughts as mine when it comes to Casey…he should have been a little bit more manly and go after what he wants. He should have shown George that he wanted her in every way possible!
Anyhow, this dedicated reader recommends this book to those who
a) Love a simple story
b) Can take the time to read a book without any sex scenes
c) Who can handle a book I almost fell asleep while reading!
2 stars because there was potentially a good story in the book.

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