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Review: Take Me Out

Take Me Out Take Me Out by Elley Arden
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

Another anthology containing four books and all about sports and romance and…
This is my honest review for the ARC I got from the publishers:
Tradeoff by Elley Arden
“She’s probably married, his brain warned. By their age, most people were. Even he’d come close a time or two. But it was hard to pull off the trigger when he was in love with someone else. And now that someone else was standing before him.”
What I loved about this book is very simple; it is a short romance telling the story of a near retiring baseball star, Ben and a business/corporate lady, Scarlett. After twenty years of separating they meet merely by chance and are reminded on the romance they had. In a space of few days their love ignites and they agree to try again.
I loved it a lot; it was just the perfect setting, perfect writing and perfect characterization. I am now even looking forward to reading this author’s other books. All in this story was very good and captivating. It makes you believe that something like what happens in the book can really also happen to you!
3.5 stars

Slugger gone south by Alicia Hunter Pace
Awww that is the first thing that comes to mind after having finished reading this book. Awww, again and again…
I love reading books that have a real connection to the world and by this I mean that they feel real, it’s almost as if the author was writing about a true story not fiction. And this was no different. Alicia Hunter Pace has managed to make me smile through the entire book.
Marc, a superstar baseball player and Bailey, a nurse meet eight years after what would consider a bad ending to a sweet relationship. They experience intense emotions when they see each other and it is just beautiful to read about. I like a bit of uncertainty and as it was present this made this story a favorite so far in this anthology.
3.5 stars

Safe at home by Leslie P. Garcia
“Because I want it all. I want you. I want a chance at forever with you”
I’m half way through the story and it’s a very good warming story. I really love it.
I felt I just had to write something. It is a sweet story and again I have to say I loved it.
So far I have seen josh who is another legendary baseball player and oh my, oh my what a great guy he is. He is just a god guy and I happen to like him a lot. As for Mandy, she is a dear and really lovable too.
Though the story line was simple and lovely, I have just about one complain, I wanted this book to be longer. I want to know what happens after the whole date thing. Nevertheless it was a great read and I certainly recommend.
4 Stars for some reason!

That Ol’Team Spirit by Bea Moon
The last story in this anthology…
It was a really short one and impressed me a little. I liked the setting and all but I just wish it had so much more but I keep wishing this for all short stories. However this would have done spectacular if it had been a standalone and with more details.
3 stars

All in all this book was a fast simple and good read.

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