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Review: A Very Scandalous Holiday

A Very Scandalous Holiday A Very Scandalous Holiday by Nancy Fraser
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

Review of A very scandalous holiday by Amber Lin, Crista McHugh,
This book is composed of four short novellas that are all in connection with Christmas period. A good read for the holidays. I received an ARC for an honest review, here it is;

Letters at Christmas by Amber Lin
This is the first story we are introduced to and honestly I think it was a rather sweet and good story. If I were to rate this story alone it would stand as a 3 star.
Set in the 1815 England this story introduces us to Sidony Harbeck and Hale Martin. Yes I know what you are thinking, I thought the same too. Weird names huh but trust me the story makes it worth reading.
This love story begins with Hale coming back after being gone for almost three years without ever trying to communicate with Sidony. It gets intriguing when I was reading and trying to think if they were really going to get back together but on a honest note you can see their love for each other slowly unveiling and it is a good read especially if the Christmas lights are on.
The author’s voice was simple and fun. The story remained short and uncomplicated but a fun read. I certainly recommend this book to the readers out there who love a book based on romance, a bet, letters and the historical setting.

Eight Tiny flames by Crista McHugh
This is a two star for me.
This is a short story mainly based in the war times where the two main characters fall in love. It contains a lot of Jewish moments and is mainly based on the Hanukkah holiday.
Ruth and Joe make a wonderful couple and I enjoyed reading the book though it was not so in the beginning but as I continued on it turned into a nice sweet romance. Ruth with her beliefs in her religion and her good heart and Joe with his love for her.
All in all I urge for you not to give up on the book because of the first pages it is a nice sweet romance that will make you learn a bit more of Jewish holiday Hanukkah.
A two star form me because it lacked a bit of the Shiver factor I look for in books.

Erin’s Gift by Nancy Fraser
First and foremost I always love a romance with a lawyer in it. What can I say? There is just something hot and sexy about a man who knows the law.
The story was very nice; I got the chance to experience a nice story of some sort I can say. What I love about reading is enough details and all I can point out from this book is that it was fun and ended well.
The nanny and the father…isn’t it always so?
Nevertheless Seth and Erin make a good couple. On an honest note though I think they fell in love too fast and too hard, anyway it is just my opinion!
I liked Abby…for those of you who have read this you know what I am talking about…and for those who have not well please do go read. She is an excitement to our world…a little trouble maker who for sure makes the story that much nicer.
A 2.5 star for this book…

An eternity of you by Sophia Garret
To begin with this story is probably my favorite in the whole anthology. It was sweet and very well written though truthful I just wish the author would have made it a standalone and add more and more details to it.
The characterization in this short story was rather simple and interesting.
Andrew heir to a dukedom left Rebecca years back knowing that their positions in life would never allow them to be together. Years later he comes back to town only to realize sometimes you should never really care about what other people will think rather care about your own happiness.
Rebecca, a sweet brave young woman and a single mother shows us every proper reason to just love her. She is an amazing woman and even with lack of enough details the author has managed well to bring her to life. I really liked her…it is in my opinion though that she could have resisted him a bit more…but who am I to say no to a duke..a handsome duke?
All in all it was a splendid read. Three stars as at some points it gave me the nice shivers…

All in all the book get a three stars from me. it was a good read. for more splendid reviews visit

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