Monday, 14 March 2016

Review: Precarious Positions

Precarious Positions Precarious Positions by Veronica Locke
My rating: 1 of 5 stars

Straight laced research psychologist Dr. Olivia Belmont has a very uncharacteristic one night stand with Dave; A much younger and far more sexually adventurous man than anyone she’s ever been with. Liv is instantly drawn to his massive 6’5” muscle clad frame and rugged good looks. However, things become a little more complicated when he turns out to be a student in one of her classes at the university. Unable to resist his charm and insatiable hunger for hot nasty sex, Dr. Belmont finds herself in several precarious positions. When Dave’s rough dominant approach to her body is seemingly endless Liv knows she has to be certain of his intentions. In an effort to discover what her new lover is truly capable of both in and out of the bedroom, Liv and her new colleague, Dr. Roxanne Kline, embark on a sexually risqué and elicit research project..



just. no.

When I am reading this is what I want...I want a story that captivates me not a quickie story that makes me feel like "ewww why is this character doing this?" i do not want to question my sef and over the years I have earned that a good author can make you love the shittiest things so much so you will be questioning your whole being... and have no regrets.

I was not connected with this book at all.

I mean yes to liberation and free sexualism but the way the mom and daughter talked about getting laid so casually! mh suspect!

It all felt like a fictional story and trust me it is not what i want to feel when reading. I want to believe the words I am reading and this one was too fake for me to even finish.

So I will end it like this...I did not like this book at all but I did not dislike the author's writing style just the story.


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