Wednesday, 9 March 2016

Review: Thrown Down

Thrown Down Thrown Down by Tessa Bailey
My rating: 2 of 5 stars

He has one last chance to deserve the girl of his dreams...

Overachiever River Purcell was never supposed to be a struggling single mom, working double shifts just to make ends meet. Nor was she supposed to be abandoned by her high school sweetheart, breaking her heart into a thousand jagged pieces. Now Vaughn De Matteo is back in town, his sights set onher...and River is in danger of drowning a second time.

No one believed Hook's resident bad boy was good enough for River. Not even Vaughn himself. But he'll fight like hell to win back the woman he never stopped loving, to keep the daughter he never expected, and convince himself he's worth their love in the process--even if he has to rely on their fierce and undeniable sexual chemistry.

But even as River's body arches under his hungered touch, the demons of the past lurk in the shadows. Waiting for Vaughn to repeat his mistakes one last time....

River and Vaughn

You know how excited a child gets when they get something they love..I dunno, like sweets maybe? yes that is how I was when I got the ARC for this book and honesty I was melting with insanity for a while due to the excitement overflowing my body.

And then I got to the reading part of this book, which I instantly liked because second chance romances and secret babies are my kind of thing.

And then it was interesting reading, I liked what they were feeling but then...all of a sudden the book took a nosedive.

And I was disappointed.

And my heart broke as my interest in the book started slowly vanishing.

I think why this book was not for me was maybe the plot no no...I liked the plot or rather the general idea of the author's plot but what I seriously hated was the characters' reactions.

I mean if a guy got me pregnant and he showed up after "four years of his ass missing" and then had the nerve to show up to my work pace and act like an asshole being mad that I worked in place like that... Motherfucker you will be getting the blunt part of my knife stuck in you balls I swear it.

I just want to be honest, this is my opinion so I will differ from others who have read it and loved it.

I just wanted Vaughn to act a bit more normal if that makes any sense. you know...he is nice guy but there a just moments where I thought nope, you are an idiot and I never want to feel that for any characters I read about that I am meant to love.

It all happened to fast for me...

Anyway let me end this here. and this is not my first Tessa Bailey book to read but it really disappointed me.


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