Friday, 19 August 2016

Review: Dragonmark

Dragonmark Dragonmark by Sherrilyn Kenyon
My rating: 4 of 5 stars
Centuries ago, Illarion was betrayed– a dragon made human against his will, then forced to serve humanity as a dragonmount in their army, and to fight for them in barbaric wars, even while he hated everything about them. Enslaved and separated from everyone he knew and from his own dragon brothers, he was forced into exile in a fey realm where he lost the only thing he ever really loved.

Now he has a chance to regain what’s been lost— to have the one thing he covets most. But only if he gives up his brothers and forsakes the oaths he holds most dear. Yet what terrifies him most isn’t the cost his happiness might incur, it’s the fact that there is just enough human in his dragon’s heart that he might actually be willing to pay it and betray everything and everyone– to see the entire world burn...

This book is still a four tar for me no doubts but it would have been a five star had it not been for the parts of this book that I already knew about.

Was it half of the story Or more than half of it?

As a reader of the darkhunter series of books, most information was already in the previous books. I could go on and mention a few of those parts but then it would be taking away for the people who have yet to read this. And I want it to remain spoiler free.

I liked this book for sure. And I go the chance to illaryon a bit better but that’s just it, I wanted something more out of this book.

But least I read this book.

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