Thursday, 18 August 2016

Review: Lord of the Fading Lands

Tairen Soul Series by C.L. Wilson

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

This I a review for all five books because once I began this series there was no moment in between where I wanted to stop and write down thoughts on the finished book, so a full review of all five books will do… no spoilers!

WOW, would be the very first thing that comes to mind when I think about this world I was just spun into and weaved very carefully into its mists. I never wanted to leave…not even once. I was wound up in the world, the story and the characters themselves.

Everything came to life in this book. it was almost as if I was reading a story that was real and had happened somewhere on this real earth.


First time ever reading anything by C.J. Wilson and I am absolutely in love. You write beautifully, and the words just pushed me into a certain sphere where nothing existed but the characters and the story. Excellent work, Excellent indeed.

This was a world created like none I have ever read about. Forget about Sherrilyn Kenyon’s darkhunterverse…this was just brilliance screaming a very high perfect note. This world included normal humans, fey, witches, elves, mage and much more. Now, I am not a very big fan of this kind of fantasy but I do not know what happened…I just fell in love with this one. So totally and completely.

It was perfect in all ways it can be/

The characters were all welcoming. All of them, from the two main characters;rain and ellysetta (beatfiull name btw) to the other characters, Bel, Shan, Elfeya, Adrial, Gaelen, the twins, and everyone else.

You know when I started this book, I thought it would just be a simple book but no. it turned out to be more than just a simple story . it became a story that grew from a simple story to a complex yet beautiful story.

I loved every part of it, I loved how it all came.

I want to say I am speechless but no I am not. I am in awe of this story. Would I ever write five books the way this author has done? I hope so…one day.

This was too good.

I repeat…too good.

In love!!!
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