Tuesday, 20 December 2016


 The creed to a successful company
“We made a statement, one that was colossal in nature to impact almost everyone that came in contact with us. We amassed a lot of controversy that gave us an axiomatic authenticity in our belief for what we stood for.
We became the stronghold for the majority and the enemy of the few. The gravitational force that engrossed and enslaved the dynamic mind and made a mockery of the erratic ones that could not think towards the future.
We became the best in our field, not by our own opinion but rather by the masses that surrounded us.”
The customers

Any establishment in the world follows a clear and selected pattern to accomplish the goals they set out. They are cognizant of the stones that will be thrown their way, cognizant of the huddles they will have to skip but they create a pattern that will circumvent all of it.
No matter the difference in the service that is provided, an establishment with the aim of being successful has a pattern.
For those that cater to the public or even a select few, in their patterns they include a package to specially deal with their customers. A package that will delve into different “what if” situations so as to create a pool of solutions to provide for their customers.
Any customer after having a complaint, worry, or any issue with the company ought to be received as a bride and groom would be received at a wedding feast, without them there will not be a wedding. A customer is the rhythm of the music, without it nothing makes sense. A customer, no matter his or her status is the head to the rest of your body, without it you will move, walk or run a few paces then fall down and wither unto death.
Treating your customer with as much dignity as you know to be the standard in the world or above that standard is they way to go. They are your customers for a reason.
And know that if you do not treat them right they will find elsewhere that does.
Some customers do not want to indulge into being treated like kings or queens, they just want to be understood and they want to feel like you are ready to jump off a cliff to help them. Occasionally, you won’t have a solution to their problem; if so let them know softly.
Your employees ought to reserve their personal problems in the far pocket of their minds so when they are at work, they realize what they are there for. They ought to work with a meticulous mind that will give a hundred percent.
SO, this is to all establishments in the world especially in my country Tanzania your customers are the reason your business moves on. They are the real heroes to be celebrated as you smile in your “end of year meeting” realizing how much annual profit you have made. 


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