Saturday, 20 May 2017

Review: Tangled

Tangled Tangled by Rebecca Zanetti
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

So what are my thoughts exactly after reading this book?

Mh, well that is definitely not a hard question to answer. To start off, this was a good read and one I had hopefully expected it to be so when I picked up the book up. Talk about intuition and I was right up the alley of a good one.

I have never had my eyes feat upon words from this author before, Rebbecca Zanetti you were brilliant in this one.

Well, so was it enough that I am going in search for your other books? Yes, a definite must.
Back to the book in question; I am in love with this one. Tangled fulfilled my need of an excellent romance and a tad of dashing paranormal. And all that I found in a less than 150-page novella.

Cuteness overload…

I loved the story, let me begin with that. The vampire and the witch. Though I have to admit even if you are not a paranormal romance fan you can till read this as the book is not overloaded with the paranormal so much. For me it was more of romance than anything else.

And I know it is part of a bigger series (which I am going to search for now) but I was able to understand it regardless. It is very hard sometimes to understand a book which is part of a series that you read without having read the other books. So, amazing work Rebecca.

The characters.

Theo and Ginny…well you two were a treat. I liked you individually and then as a couple. Although the story did not give me deepness toward your story but you two made sense. Perfect sense.

I loved the writing style and I have to mention that before I officially met Uncle Ben I was worried for a minute but he turned out to be spectacular.

Loved this.


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