Monday, 12 February 2018

Review: Moon Called

Moon Called Moon Called by Patricia Briggs
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

I read all nine books in this series back to back. (The nine available because I know for sure that the series is ongoing and dear book ten I am anxiously waiting for you.) the back to back thing is also the reason I had to write a general review of the series rather than go book by book. I just could not put this series down.

Somewhere in the middle of reading book one; I had to chastise myself for not getting to this book sooner. It is an awesome book and I am very happy with my boredom as it allowed to me to get my hands on such Excellency.
Patricia Briggs, you are a superstar.

Does this just happen to me? I take a book, read the synopsis and think myself this book is not my taste. Then when someone forces me to read it or my boredom forces me to read it I start thinking how stupid I was not for reading it in the first place.

The lesson here ladies and gentlemen is that do not judge a book by its synopsis. Let’s judge it after the first few chapters are read.

Anyway, back to the review… I loved the series. So far it is going great. It has kept me hooked and I have no doubt that if I was hooked then you will be too. Give it a chance.

The characters. I loved every one of them…Mercy you are doll. Adam you are the man..Samuel you give me shivers. The rest of you, I love you all.

Fae. Werewolves’ and vampires plus other magical creature all roll themselves into this series with each of them finding a way to my heart.

In short, This was a good read.

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