Saturday, 30 January 2016

Review: Breathless

Breathless Breathless by Eve Carter
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

Review of Breathless by Eve Carter
I bought a copy of this book a few weeks back and it had just been sitting there in my library but my oh my when I finally put my hands on it, I really liked it. I guess I saved best for last huh?
A for the cover work and 3.5 stars...worth the read
This is basically a simple not complicated romance about a girl and a know how the story goes; boy meets girl...nah it is a unique book on its own.
The first in the series this novel tells us of the love between Jesse, a motorcyclist champion who is experiencing a setback in his career and our little beauty who has her own demons to extinguish. Set in the contemporary world it is a book you should get your hands on.
The characterization was simple, with just a few characters to keep you entertained and trust me you will thoroughly enjoy it.
The story is captivating in its own unique way. I loved how Jesse was like a real normal guy who drinks something stupid when he is in a mood thinking it will clear his mind. I liked especially how much he cared for his girl.
The author has managed to put the story in a shifting point of view (p.o.v.) hence you will be able to read this story understanding what goes on in both the character’s head and life. And this…This makes it a great read for all of you out there.
And by the way, it has a killer ending. I am not going to say anything rather than you should just go read it.
I am excited to continue on with the second book in the series fearless…
Eve thank you for writing a great book


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