Saturday, 30 January 2016

Review: Date with a Vampire

Date with a Vampire Date with a Vampire by Raine English
My rating: 2 of 5 stars

I got an ARC for an honest review and here it is,
Whenever I read a book that involves vampires and human I have some expectations set or rather maybe it’s just my way of thinking how book involving vamps and humans should be like. This usually includes some hot hot guy which is almost a necessity because hey how will you be able to get a girl/victim/whatever else you want if you are not that hot?
Another requirement is hot sex, wild hot sex to make me believe this is truly supernatural and the last very important is that the story be more exciting.
Well did I get all three of my requirements in Raine’s Date with a vampire? Sad to say I did not.
Yes, Count Guystoff was hot, I really liked him but there was just a touch of something magical maybe missing. As the main hero I expected so much form him and as a freaking vampire prince who is soon to inherent the kingdom, I needed so much more.
However for his main heroine, she was likable enough. A lottery winner worth millions who engages herself in a reality show so as to get rid of all the other guys, splendid idea but I am sure I would have done things differently had I won millions at the moment.
However, the story was interesting enough for me to actually reach the last page but I would say that I am just a bit disappointed that there was no that shiver factor that I am looking for and that the story almost felt like a normal story between a guy and a girl rather than a vampire and a human.
Get my drift?
Hence it is in my opinion that two stars are enough for the book and yes I know I’m a bit negative about this book but after having read so many other paranormal books out there this just did not do it for me, however do not take my word for it, go read it and see for yourself.
After all we might have different tastes and you will like it…or maybe not!
Anyway, Raine English your style of writing is good and I certainly liked it, I only hope book two will have a touching and more addictive story,
A dedicated reader.

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