Saturday, 20 February 2016

Review: Cadence

Cadence Cadence by D.H. Sidebottom
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

I think I am slightly still confused…

The first book in the series was about Dante and Star and trust me as much as I found that Dante was a sick man, I sort of liked him, after all this book promised me dark romance and that is exactly what ti gave me.

Some weird dark romance that has me going like “why am I reading this?” in the good way.

But then book two in the series, this one I am currently reviewing takes a different turn completely. A new character is introduced and as much as the author wanted me to love him I almost felt like he was not wanted.

This new character known by the name Cade, is obviously super hot and has a dark side to him too (not as much as Dante) but then he becomes part and parcel of the story so you have no choice but to like him.

With this book, my perception of things changed…

Whereas I liked Dante in book one, here I just found him to be a sick psychotic man, whom I want to never meet.

Whereas star also known as Faye in book one was …I do not even know how to put it in words…

In short the characters they were in book one changed very much. I was not as connected to them as I was in the earlier book.

And the plot twist was okay but again the change of directions from book one had me raising my eyebrows!

And plus that element of dark romance that was there in book one sort of disappeared in this book.


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